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Suzhou Cultural Arts Center


Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre is regarded as the landmark of the development of the city’s culture and arts. It is the platform of international culture exchange and the important base of the city’s culture innovation industry. The centre had its grand opening on October 1st, 2007. Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre houses a variety of function facilities: Grand Theatre, Performance Hall, Cineplex, IMAX Theatre, Ballet Theatre,  Art Museum, SIP Cultural Centre, Arts School  and Commercial Centre. It is the demonstration base of Jiangsu cultural Industry; its grand theatre is one of the members of AAPPAC, and what’s more, the Cineplex is the only state-authorized five-star cinema in Suzhou and is a steady winner at the Suzhou box office. In particular, it is the permanent home to the world-renowned annual Golden Rooster Cinematic Awards.

Grand Theatre       A pursuit of high-quality performing arts


The Grand Theatre has a capacity of 1200 seats, and is equipped with high-tech facilities. It can be used for presenting opera, all kinds of concerts, ballet, dance, drama,etc.


Performance Hall     Close to the arts


The Performance Hall has a European-styled decoration and a capacity of 300-500 seats. It is suitable for presenting recitals, chamber music concerts, drama, children’s play, educational programs,  lectures and PR activies. There is a resident performance, Su SHOW, which shows the traditional Suzhou culture, starts  every evening. 


Cineplex    A dream work forever


The only Cineplex with easy access to the MRT Station in its own lobby in Suzhou. It composes of an IMAX cinema and 7 deluxe screens; what’s more, it is the permanent home to the world-renowned annual Golden Rooster Cinematic Awards.


SSCAC Ballet Theatre     The Youngest & Most Energetic Ballet Group in Modern China